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    Re: Masterclass Proficiency CPE 2013 edition

    If the book is not on the site, you should post your request here

    Please, read the site's rules
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    Re: Objective Pet second edition

    Check here

    and here
  3. Thread: i need an answer

    by mct

    Re: i need an answer

    Which are your answers? Remember that we don't make the work for the students but we guide them so that they can get the correct answer. This forum is to learn and guide not to get the job done. I...
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    Re: VocabuLearn Portuguese Level 2

    Thanks for the mirrors. Links added in header!!!
  5. Thread: What's better?

    by mct

    Re: What's better?

    Was your question answered?
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    Re: ILETS writing practice correction

    I suggest you should post your question as a new thread not as a comment in somebody else's question, please. Readthe rulesfor posting questions in this forum. Thanks
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    Re: Japanese for Busy People I

    It needs to be reuploaded- All links are dead.
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    Re: Practice Makes Perfect: Spanish Vocabulary

    i'll have a look at it. Thanks!
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    Happy father's day!!!! HAPPY DAY TO ALL LA DADs
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    Re: Happy Birthday D_A : )

    Better late than never !!!
  11. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Third Victim = englishcology )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I'd like to know if there's something in life that you'd like to accomplish
  12. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    One is "Don't do to others what you don't like to be done to you" (I'm not sure whether it's well translated) :confused:
  13. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I don't know :(
  14. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    My dear friend, I'm not into soap operas. Currently, there are some from Latin American countries but, to be honest, I don't know if the are Mexican. As regards my viewpoint, they're both, harmless...
  15. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I have some local favourite stars. Regarding international ones, I've already answered that question ;)
  16. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    Well, first of all, I wouldn't spend it all. however, I'd buy my daughter a place of her own and a car. I'd travel to many different places with her and my mom. I'd contribute monthly to an...
  17. Thread: A very useful web

    by mct

    Sticky: Re: A very useful web

    Hi Marisa and welcome to our community!!!! I'm also from Argentina and I'm glad to meet you here!!!
  18. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    what do you mean?
  19. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I really enjoy it!! I love the questions I'm being asked!!! Thanks to all those who take time to ask questions.
  20. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    "I hope someone reads this note written in the year 2011. I live on a planet called Earth. There are 5 continents, The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Have a look at the world map in this...
  21. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I think LA is getting better organised each day. There have been some changes lately which are really great and help to the development and organisation of the site. Despite this, I would be a bit...
  22. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    the craziest thing??!! mmm..... I don't think I've never done anything that can fall into the category of "crazy things" . However, I can remember something I did in my high school days. I hid in a...
  23. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    I don't have expensive things.... but the answer can be: my computer and its components-
  24. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    Hi beautiful woman from Argentina!!! Nice meeting you here!!!! I'm from MDP and I studied here. "Sharing" is great !!!!
  25. Re: (―`•._(―`•._(―`•._( CONFESSION CHAIR - Second Victim = mct )_.•΄―)_.•΄―)_.•΄―)

    * Which politician (known worldwide) you wish that had never been born? Why?

    Hitler: he was too dictatorial, ambitious and a criminal. No one has the right to exterminate people.

    Who's the...
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