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Learn Tamil in 30 Days

  1. Default Learn Tamil in 30 Days

    Learn Tamil in 30 days

    Publication date: 2006
    Number of pages: 167

    Format: PDF
    Quality: regular
    Size: 4,58 MB

    The book consists of Five Parts -- each part having separate lessons. The first part introducs the alphabet, vowels, consonants, and special letters. The second part deals with simple words with nouns, verbs, etc. The third part is the most important as it contains every word that a visitor to Tamilnadu should know. The fourth part is about sentences and conversations. The last part contains letters, essays and new words, etc. As there are 247 letters, a new unorthodox method has been adopted. Easy steps are provided with Roman characters for pronunciation. For easy understanding, separate headings have been used.

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