ZIESCHE Kolleg Language School - Deutsch lernen A1 Tutorial

ZIESCHE Kolleg Language School - Deutsch lernen A1 Tutorial

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Video lessons HD quality, private German language schools.
Years of experience showed us on Ziesche College:
The conventional, traditional classroom instruction is necessary, but not always sufficient.
New technology opens up more possibilities to us, which should be exploited.
This possibility should in any case, even in education, here in the "Language (s)",
be used.
Therefore, we offer not only come from the lessons and teaching material in book form, a multimedia program for learning the German language, which Horen, reading, speaking, writing and repeating to one another.

The advantages of this learning program are:
SAVE TIME: Students save time for the way to the course.
FLEXIBILITY: He / she is therefore not bound in time and flexible in design and execution of his personal learning program.
NO BOND: He / she is able to teach material at any time (time-independent as locally) again.
CONTROL: He / she has about image (graphics, photos or film), sound (speech) and writing (spelling) and solution proposal (yellow Lampchen) Kontrollmoglichkeiten immediately.
SOLUTION PROPOSALS: Due to the solutions, students are given a spelling-(He) learning program.
SAVINGS: Save. A not insignificant argument!
NEW argument: it can be exciting!

The most important:
Requires a rapid and correct learning of the language integration is only really possible.
Only those who have learned a foreign language, understand their own language in earnest. (According to Goethe)

Content Overview - Course A1
Are you able to bewaltigen any situation verbally, verbally and in writing. Successful participants A1 is prerequisite for the placement test of the preparatory courses at German universities.

Course duration: 4 weeks (after no longer have access)

Course contents:
- Section E1 - Introduction
- Chapter 1 - conjugation
- Chapter 2 - Pronouns
- Chapter 3 - prepositions
- Chapter 4 - Modal verbs
- Chapter 5 - verbs with prefixes
- Chapter 6 - imperative
- Chapter 7 - genitive
- Chapter 8 - regimen of the verbs
- Chapter 9 - Perfect
- Chapter 10 - Prateritum


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