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The Chicago Manual of Style 1st edition 1906

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    Default The Chicago Manual of Style 1st edition 1906

    ReUploaded by arcadius 27.09.2017

    The Chicago Manual of Style consists of 9 parts, and is written in 214 pages. This is first edition, published in 1906 and it show us how it starts.

    The present work is a codification of the typographical rules and practices in force at the University of Chicago Press. Having its genesis, more than a decade ago, in a single sheet of fundamentals, jotted down at odd moments for the individual guidance of the first proofreader; added to from year to year, as opportunity would offer or new necessities arise; revised and re-revised as the scope of the work, and, it is hoped, the wisdom of the workers, increased-it emerges in its present form as the embodiment of traditions, the crystallization of usages, the blended product of the reflections of many minds.
    Rules and regulations such as these, in the nature of the case, cannot be endowed with the fixity of rock-ribbed law. They are meant for the average case, and must be applied with a certain degree of elasticity. Exceptions will constantly occur, and ample room is left for individual initiative and discretion. They point the way and survey the road, rather than remove the obstacles. Throughout this book it is assumed that no regulation contained therein is absolutely inviolable. As it stands, this Manual is believed to contain a fairly comprehensive, reasonably harmonious, and wholesomely practical set of work-rules for the aid of those whose duties bring them into direct contact with the Manufacturing Department of The Press.

    The Chicago Manual of Style 1st edition 1906
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    Default Re: The Chicago Manual of Style 1st edition 1906


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