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Sum And Substance Civil Procedure (Arthur R. Miller) [Audio]

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    Sum And Substance Civil Procedure (Arthur R. Miller)[Audio]-Sum & Substance Law School Audio CD Series Civil Procedure - Arthur R. Miller. 2001.
    Convenient and effective, Sum and Substance: Civil Procedure mp3 audio presents the essentials of civil procedure in a clear, succinct, time-saving format. These recordings provide an excellent study aid, a condensed version of the course he taught at Harvard Law School for many years.

    Law Koren KF 8849 .M55 1999b
    Length: 11.5 hours

    Quick reference indexing.

    Disc 1:
    • Introduction
    • The Clusters of Procedure
    • An Outline of the Jurisdiction Cluster
    • Federal Question Jurisdiction
    • Diversity of Citizenship
    • Complete Diversity

    Disc 2:
    • Complete Diversity (continued)
    • Amount in Controversy (see also update CD #10)
    • Aggregation (see also update CD #10)
    • Jurisdiction over the person (see also update CD #10)
    • Traditional Bases of Jurisdiction
    • Long Arm Statutes
    • Constitutional Principles
    • Illustrative Application

    Disc 3:
    • Illustrative Application (continued)
    • Jurisdiction Based on Property
    • Territoriality
    • Federal Court Jurisdiction
    • Notice and Opportunity to be Heard
    • Service of Process
    • Venue Principles
    • Transfer of Venue
    • Forum Non Conveniens
    • Removal

    Disc 4:
    • Removal (continued)
    • Waiver of Defenses
    • The Erie Doctrine (see also update CD #10)
    • Erie v. Tompkins
    • Guaranty Trust v. York
    • Byrd v. Blue Ridge
    • Hanna v. Plumer
    • Walker v. Armco Steel
    • Klaxon and Day
    • Inverse Erie
    • Pleading – Overview
    • Pleading (Particularity of)
    • Special Pleading Rules
    • Amendment of Pleadings
    • Relation Back of Pleadings

    Disc 5:
    • Sanctions
    • Joinder – Overview
    • Joinder of Claims
    • Permissive Joinder of Parties
    • Compulsory Joinder of Parties
    • Counterclaims
    • Cross Claims
    • Third Party Claims
    • Class Actions (see also update CD #10)

    Disc 6:
    • Class Actions (continued)
    • Discovery – Overview
    • Scope of Discovery
    • Discovery Devices

    Disc 7:
    • Discovery Devices (continued)
    • Hickman v. Taylor
    • 1993 Amendments
    • Summary Judgment
    • Trial – Overview
    • Jury Trial (see also update CD #10)
    • Beacon Theaters

    Disc 8:
    • Beacon Theaters
    • Curtis v. Loether
    • Post Trial Motions – Overview
    • New Trial Motions
    • Partial New Motions
    • Bifurcation
    • Conditional New Trial
    • Directed Verdict Motions
    • Motions for JNOV
    • Appeals – Appealability and Scope of Review

    Disc 9:
    • Appeals – Appealability and Scope of Review (continued)
    • Former Adjudication – Overview
    • Res Judicata
    • Collateral Estoppel
    • Who is Bound by Former Adjudication

    Disc 10:
    • Who is Bound by Former Adjudication (continued)
    • 1999 Civil Procedure Update
    • Introduction
    • Amount in Controversy
    • Personal Jurisdiction
    • Erie Doctrine
    • Ruhrgas v. Marathon Oil Co.
    • Class Actions
    • Jury Trial

    English | WAV 64 kbps 24 KHz Stereo | 10 CDs | 291 MB

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    Lightbulb Re: Where is the link to Sum And Substance Civil Procedure (Arthur R. Miller) [Audio]

    I am new to this site. I thought there would be a link to Sum And Substance Civil Procedure (Arthur R. Miller) [Audio]. Am I missing some crucial information? The three links that are listed are as Follows, and they refer to some website to look up background information on people, something that I am definitely not interested in doing. Can someone reply with some help? I was hoping that my $20.00 would be well spend.:

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