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Tasks for Teacher Education: A Reflective Approach (Trainers' Book)

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    Default Tasks for Teacher Education: A Reflective Approach (Trainers' Book)

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    English language Study and teaching Great Britain. Effective teaching. English language Problems, exercises, etc. Languages, Modern Study and teaching Great Britain

    To the trainer using Tasks for Teacher Education

    Tasks for Teacher Education helps language teacher trainees and teachers to develop into aware, self-critical teachers with a sense of self-direction.
    It contains a wide range of practical tasks which trainees experience as learners and teachers and is designed mainly for pre-service trainees and teachers of English as a foreign language and English as a second language. It may also be adapted for use by trainees and teachers of other foreign languages.

    Using Tasks for Teacher Education

    Each of the sixteen self-contained units deals with one topic and provides a variety of practical tasks which raise awareness and encourage self-direction.
    Tasks for Teacher Education is designed so that the units may be used separately and in any order: you do not need to do every activity in each unit but you can do those tasks which are appropriate to your own context. Each unit begins with a Map, which gives an overview of the whole unit and each separate task. The tasks in Tasks for Teacher Education have been used by teacher trainees in many different contexts and countries, from lengthy pre-service courses to weekend in-service sessions. Further information on the tasks can be found on pages v-vi in the trainees' book.

    The trainer's notes

    The trainer's notes help you to guide trainees through the units. These notes are included in the trainer's book only and contain:

    • easy-to-follow directions for facilitating tasks
    • aim(s) of each task
    • the timing of each task
    • suggestions for leading tasks
    • ways of concluding tasks
    • key issues to draw to trainees' attention
    • sample answers where appropriate.

    Your role as trainer

    Tasks for Teacher Education encourages you as a trainer to be a facilitator rather than an expert, helping your trainees to develop awareness about teaching and themselves as teachers. One definition of a facilitator is 'a person who has the role of helping participants to learn in an experiential group' (Heron 1992:11). The trainer's aim in using this book is, therefore, to allow trainees to experience a task and to draw their own conclusions about their learning. You may, however, wish to voice your own opinion once a task is completed.

    Photocopiable material

    The photocopiable material section, supplied as photocopy masters for ease of use, can be found at the end of the trainer's book only (pages 49-96); these masters include, for example, observation tasks, role cards, information gap tasks, games, a transcription of a real lesson and pictures. For many of the tasks you need to provide photocopies from this section for your trainees; in some cases, for example for some microteaching tasks or for observation tasks used to observe teaching, trainees need instructions or photocopiable materials in advance.

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