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Incredible and amazing website

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    Default Incredible and amazing website

    By this post I'd like to say thank you to all admins in language academy for their huge work to provide us with tons of valuable books especially teaching and learning English language. By using the materials in this forum, I am able to conduct many training for English teachers in my country in order to increase their ability in teaching and also I can provide my country with candidate of teachers from other subject to be able to teach their subject by using English. Once again thank you very much to all admins for your great effort and your kind heart to make this forum be able to stay and live in order to give more valuable contribution for education especially in a developing country. May Allah always pours his blessing and guidance on you.


  2. Please read this message!!!
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    Wow, such kind and encouraging words. Thank you very much e-use. It is always a great booster to know that what we do is helping people somewhere.

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    Thank you @e-use , these words encourage us to give more to the community, it means alot!!!

    The best way to say 'Thank you' is to make a mirror.

    Whenever you download a file, send it back to any hosting services and post your link, this way we will not lose any files.

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