This book is an original contribution to the field of multilingualism and cultural identity. It investigates the ramifications of multilingualism for language choice patterns and attitudes among Moroccans. It focuses on the impact of multilingualism on cultural identity and education. It includes a debate on education and language planning policies in Morocco since independence. It reveals the complexity of post-colonial Morocco characterized by contradictory attitudes toward the languages in contact and toward language policy and education. It is of interest to students and researchers of sociolinguistics, cultural studies, anthropology and gender studies as well as for specialists of education and language policy/planning.

This book is unique in that it: is one of the few books published in English about language, culture and education in Morocco; is a thorough overview of the different views and studies of researchers; includes new data, new material and new interpretations of previous views and ideas; shows how postcolonial forces have endeavored to reconstruct the national identity of Morocco; assesses the roles played by linguistic and cultural factors in the development and evolution of Moroccan society.

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