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Romanian Verb Handbook

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    Re uploaded by DE on 25-Mar-20

    This guide to Romanian conjugation is meant to convey the process by which stems and endings are combined and modified by system-wide rules, resulting in the actual verb forms of the language. It differs from the usual listing of large numbers of paradigms in its attempt to keep the number of basic units as small as possible. Since the same number of verb forms ultimately results from this system as from the usual paradigmatic listing, one may ask how a small number of basic units can achieve this. The answer lies in the fact that this system explicitly states the rules which cause base units to changeinto other units when they conform to certain environmental conditions. Furthermore, since the full paradigmatic listing of Romanian verbs is rather lengthy and complex, it is obvious that many rules are required to operate on the simple system of base forms in order to transform it into the actually occurring paradigmatic verb forms of the language.

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