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Studies in English Idiom

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    Default Studies in English Idiom

    ReUploaded by arcadius 10.10.2017

    Studies in English Idiom-This book is intended for use in the first and second years of the secondary course. It has been divided into two parts, each part being intended for a year, although an advanced first year form could proceed with the second part, and a backward second year form might with advantage revise the first part.
    It is intended to precede, or at least to accompany, the study of composition, and treats chiefly of those speech-forms which present difficulties to Egyptian students. The best books we have had so far on the subject of composition have been primarily intended for English students, and naturally neglect many of the idioms most difficult for Egyptians. Of these difficulties, the question of tenses and their sequence is perhaps the most obstinate, and has received accordingly full treatment.
    The exercises have been designed to contain no abstract ideas or difficult 'words to divert the student's attention from the question under consideration, but at the same time to provide material for the acquisition of new words. Most of them may be done orally or in writing, as the teacher may desire. The Appendix contains a list of the commoner mistakes to which Egyptian students are liable, and should be consulted with every composition.
    The exercises on letter-writing may be done independently of the rest of the book at the discretion of the teacher.

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