How to Learn and Memorize Russian Vocabulary ... Using a Memory Palace Specifically Designed for the Russian Language (and adaptable to many other languages too).
If you'd like to improve your ability to learn Russian vocabulary by as much as 100%, 200%, even 300% (or more) ... using simple memory techniques that you can learn in 15-20 minutes (or less), then this may be the most important book that you will ever read.
Believe it or not, it really doesn't matter if you think you have a good memory or not.
The information in this book will teach you:
Why memory is like a bicycle everyone can ride (with some minor personal adjustments).
The real reason why no one should ever be squeamish about memorization or learning a language.
Why and how some of the most famous memory skills are applicable to learning any language, especially Russian.
How you can easily create a "letter location" memory system based on the Russian alphabet.
A secret method for translating Russian letters into English for better comprehension.
Unique techniques that will have you literally "tuning in" on the Russian language.
How to separate Russian words in the most effective manner for memorization.
Two secret ways you can use relaxation to aid the memorization process.


2013 | English/Russian | MP3 48 Kbps | Lenght: 02:10:00 | 40.6 Mb

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