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    Hello everyone,

    I am starting an English Language School and our main focus is on speaking classes.

    I plan to have the following 8 general english courses.
    - Beginner
    - Pre Intermediate
    - Intermediate
    - Upper Intermediate
    - Pre Advanced
    - Advanced
    - Upper Advanced
    - Competent

    As my school will focus on speaking, I want to have 40 hours of lessons for each of the above course. I am thinking the first four courses will focus on speaking and grammar, then the remaining four courses will focus purely on speaking and useful vocabulary.

    I will also offer classes for iELTS/TOEFL and business english.

    If you have any advice on what you think are good Speaking coursebooks, it would be greatly appreciated. I have downloaded many text books, but they all have a lot of writing and listening and reading in them. I am planning to have a workbook for them to practice writing at home that will then be checked by a teacher, and then many reading and listening exercises they can do on our website.

    Advice most welcome, it's a very daunting task!

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    Hi @lukeadamsmongolia1988 ,

    New Interchange by Cambridge is good, at least when I was learning and teaching English.

    My Marketing advise would be, you should think beyond the traditional way of learning a language, try to offer sth different at all, here we have some startups which teach English in a fun way, even without using a coursebook, the edcational materials might be everywhere but the way you use may make the differences.

    You might also think abot combining some parts from different coursebooks and have a new one that match your needs and your teaching strategy if you have.

    I hope that helps.

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    Default Re: Speaking School

    To teach speaking I go like that: the first step is to introduce a topic orally and jot down all the new and necessary vocabulary on the board. Then, a video using the data show about the same topic to reinforce the meaning , the use as well as the targeted competency. During the watching I stop the video many times to ask some questions. Sometimes the video must be watched many times to be fathomed depending on the level of the learners. The next step is to work individually, in pairs or in small groups. learners are asked to write short paragraphs, dialogues , articles ... about the topic dealt with ( here the teacher will monitor writing and grammar) and eventually read the piece of writing or role play the dialogue and that's speaking. ( and reading for beginners). it really worked for my students. Break a leg.

    JD ♥ D

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