This work gives a critical survey of all verbs attested in Proto-Iranian based on its descendants. It is accompanied by a critical analysis of the morphology and provenance…

"C'est un tres beau travail et je me rejouis qu'il soit enfin disponible dans forme de livre. Il est en tout point digne des Leiden Indo-European Etymological Series (IEED)", Prof. Jean Kellens Chaire de Langues et religions indo-irannienes College de France 'This is a very valuable guide to the Iranian verb, both for the book's uniqueness in filling a lacuna in the field , and for its intrinsic excellence. It should be of interest for not only Iranists, but also for Indo-Europeanists. The etyma are supported by a great wealth of material from diverse languages, with many interesting analyses, and rich, up-to-date, bibliographical support. While the book, as is inevitable with a work of this sort and scope , may occasionally invite variant views (and some additional entries), the overall comprehensiveness, reliability and utility of this very erudite opus is without question. Indeed, Johnny Cheung has given us a tome which is now indispensable for both advanced scholars and students.'

English/Iranian | PDF | 624 pages | 5.1 Mb

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