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Teach Yourself Serbian

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    ReUploaded by arcadius 17.05.2018

    Teach Yourself Serbian-Serbia is attracting an increasing number of visitors each year. Changing historical circumstances have made travel to the country much easier and greater stability is encouraging more foreign investment. The wars which affected parts of southeastern Europe after the collapse of Communism and break-up of the former Yugoslavia are now over. Serbia is moving closer to integration with European institutions and markets. Teach Yourself Serbian has been designed to meet the demands of this growing interest by providing a new course which will take you through all the stages of learning Serbian. The graded units offer a structured approach, giving information in a user-friendly fashion, and presenting the language in everyday situations based around real places in Belgrade and Serbia. This book is for people who want to communicate in Serbian and to enjoy a degree of independence while in the country, whether they are leisure or business travellers, school or university students, people who have family ties in the region, or who simply enjoy the challenge of learning a new language.

    The course contains: an introductory section, 20 course units, a reference section, an accompanying recording. The sections which appear on the recording are marked Q in the book.

    The activities in each unit represent manageable 'chunks' of language. They allow you to reinforce what you have already learnt and to expand on that knowledge with new words, expressions and grammar points. You will be given instructions to guide you through the material. As you work your way through each activity, listen to the dialogue on the recording, repeat the phrases, read the text, and answer the accompanying questions to check that you have understood. Use the recording to improve your pronunciation and listening skills. The course offers ample scope for developing your abilities to communicate in Serbian. You can add to this scope by enlisting the help of native speakers or finding someone else who also wants to learn Serbian since studying together is a great incentive and gives you more opportunity to practise speaking.
    It is more efficient to learn new words and phrases as you meet them. You will avoid the frustration of seeing a word and although you know that you have met it before you cannot quite remember what it means. It is on the tip of your tongue but needs to be activated. You will enjoy learning more if you can feel your knowledge improving without constantly checking what words mean in the reference section at the back of the book. There is no one way of learning new words. Some people prefer to write them out repeatedly, while others prefer to learn them as part of a complete phrase. Try different methods, or combinations of methods, to find the one which suits you best.
    The same advice, to learn as you go along, also applies to new grammar points. Grammar is simply a way to categorize parts of a language so that you see the broader picture and how it all fits together. The exercises in each unit will show what you have learnt and whether you are ready to go on. Make sure that you have mastered new words and understood the grammar patterns before proceeding to the next stage. You do not have to work through a complete unit in one sitting. Each activity is a stage in itself with new vocabulary and questions to test your comprehension. You can work beyond the individual dialogues in order to take in the sections on grammar and the exercises if you want. It is more effective to learn a little regularly than to cram too much into one long session. Find a pace with which you feel comfortable and stick to it.

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