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    Default Brainstorming

    Hello, friends!
    Iím glad to be the first in a new Forum for Language Teachers Ė

    A place for old questions and new answers!
    (No, Google is a Genie from another story)

    Our common experience, joint efforts and shared ideas
    will bring teachersí dreams
    (Who said studentsí nightmares?!)

    into life.
    Blamestorming has never before been more creative!
    Ooops, It seems Iíve misspelled that word again

    Teaching is quite a complicated process that brings out problems every day.
    Solutions can be found in friendly discussions,
    that teachers from all over the world will be able to take part in.
    Thatís why developing separate threads,
    covering the main areas inside the forum, could make our RE/search easier.

    Exploring the mechanisms and peculiarities of the language we teach,
    we find new ways to present the material.
    In Language Issues we will deal with all kinds of language difficulties
    that our students face and the help a teacher can offer.

    ? Well, why not
    You may just need suitable activities for different types of
    Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Practice.
    Your tips and suggestions, together with questions and doubts
    are highly appreciated in Language Skills thread.

    We donít build houses or paint pictures that everyone can appreciate at once.
    And still the knowledge can be tested.
    Thatís why successful exam strategies, ideas on helpful books
    and common mistakes overview
    in Exam Guide
    will aim at achieving excellent exam results.

    Solved problems and open questions,
    funny classroom stories and time-saving recipes for teachers
    will let us catch a glimpse of your invaluable experience in Teacher's Lounge.
    Here we can also speak about Educational News and Teaching Jobs.

    What teaching toolsdo you use or would like to use?
    Do you know good sites to make your own worksheets
    or to listen to interesting podcasts?
    Post them in Teacher Resources thread!

    How to choose the most appropriate methods in your particular teaching situation?
    Can role playing or drama clubs contribute to studentsí motivation and involvement?
    Have you ever organized/taken part in language camps or summer schools?

    It would be great to discuss these and lots of other matters together

    Letís hope, that our Communication, Cooperation and Contribution
    will show the way to the new heights of professional growth.

    Good luck,

    I would like to thank
    Ayman and Arhat
    for their help and support
    they gave me with my posts!

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    Every man I meet is my master in some point, and in that I learn from him (R. Emerson)

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    Default Re: Brainstorming

    all my thanks for the all

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    Default Re: Brainstorming

    Thank you very much Yamha for these brilliant ideas, it will really help me in teaching to my pupils,,, I will share everything I got


    The best way to say 'Thank you' is to make a mirror.

    Whenever you download a file, send it back to any hosting services and post your link, this way we will not lose any files.

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