Peter Watcyn-Jones's fully revised and updated edition of Pairwork 2 gives your intermediate and upper intermediate students motivating conversation practice, building on from the highly-popular Pairwork 1.
This resource book contains 43 activities with detailed teachers' notes and timing guides to maximise class time. The activities are all selected and revised following teacher feedback and most can be completed in 15 35 minutes.
Students will get plenty of opportunities to practice their conversation skills through the practical scenarios. They'll also enjoy the different types of activities such as role-plays, simulations, problem-solving and more. The activities also give you invaluable additional opportunities for reviewing key vocabulary or grammar from your course book.
As a busy teacher, you'll find the full set of teachers' notes with step-by-step instructions, follow-up suggestions and full answer keys invaluable. And the quick reference content pages will show you at a glance all you need to know about the activity focus and type, time and preparation you'll need.

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