If you are looking for a book that will help you to improve your English, then this is the book for you.
As well as being a grammar guide, “English Grammar reference” is also an Error Correction book. It deals with the most common errors among students of all nationalities. Errors which begin to sound 'normal' to learners if nobody ever corrrects them. Most errors are due to 'mother tongue' interference. This is when the student translates literally from his/her own language.
It has also been designed for students of the English language who wish to understand the different tenses of verbs and how and when to use them. It explains how to make verbs negative and how to form questions. It can be confusing, for example, to know when to use the present simple tense and when to use the present continuous.
Distinctions are also made between the past simple and past continuous tenses as well as the past simple and present perfect tenses. "Did you know that there are three different ways to use the present perfect?" It also explains how to use the past perfect, and the past perfect continuous which can be very confusing.
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