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Dictionary for "English grammar in use"

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    Default Dictionary for "English grammar in use"

    ReUploaded by arcadius 23.05.2017

    Dictionary for "English grammar in use"-The dictionary is made to help teachers, students, schoolchildren and those who study English independently on a worldwide basis using well-known textbook by Raymond Murphy. For each of the first 127 lessons (units), only 12 words are given so that it is not difficult to learn them.
    Before the lessons, a list of terms is given, which are used in the textbook when explaining the new material. At the end, a List of irregular verbs is given (Appendix 1). In the foreword some methodical advice is offered.

    This small dictionary will help you learn English using Raymond Murphy's excellent textbook "Practical English Grammar in Use". Although there is not a single Russian word in the textbook, it is not difficult to understand it, especially if you learn a dozen words and expressions for each lesson. It is most useful to teach them for dictation, in order to easily translate from Russian into English.
    Here are given only those values in which words are used in the textbook. In word combinations, transcription is given only for words whose pronunciation can cause difficulty. Sign * marked irregular verbs, signed / marked options. For some words after the || Given the American pronunciation.
    I tried to make the words fully consistent with the material of the lessons. However, this is not always possible, because some lessons include many new words, while others are written in very simple vocabulary. If you do not see a word in the corresponding lesson, teach and do not doubt: you have already met it or will meet further. Some words may be familiar to you, but remember that English spelling is artful, because its historical principle: in modern English they write the way English spoke in the 15th century.
    There is a famous joke: the English say "Manchester", and they write "Liverpool". If you will learn words and expressions for dictation, you will soon notice that it is easier and easier for you to understand, read and write in English.
    One more tip. Work on the textbook from both ends, as a tunnel breaks through in the mountain. From the first lessons, learn irregular verbs.
    Set an exact norm for yourself in 5-10 verbs and teach them for dictation. When you know all the forms of irregular verbs, teach the expressions of lesson 136 in paragraphs, then complete all the exercises of lesson 136 and follow the same method for lesson 135, so continue. Beginning with lesson 128, all expressions with the left pages of the textbook; they go not in alphabetical order, but in paragraphs. Into one joyous day you will see that the work is finished and you not only know the English grammar well, but your lexical stock has increased by about 2000 words and expressions.
    In conclusion, I want to say a big thank you to all my students, whose enthusiasm supported my desire to help them with this small dictionary.

    2001 | PDF | 64 Pages | 41 MB

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