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CPE Use of English New Edition is a new edition of the bestselling publication taking into account the changes in the CPE exam from 2013. The manual covers the full grammar required for the exam with clear examples of accessible grammar and interesting exercises for students at proficiency level Various exercises ensure systematic assimilation of idioms verbs of complex collocations of prepositions and the rules of the masculine. The manual allows reliable and effective preparation for the CPE exam and other exams of similar difficulty. The manual is intended for high school students of language course participants and people preparing for the CPE exam or other exams at a similar level of difficulty is designed for group work at classes and also for individual use. The most important features are tables presenting grammatical structures in a condensed form and after them a series of differences new exercises enabling new material to be acquired, segments containing gap tests and exercises for the use of verbs of prepositions and idioms of grammatical transformations and collocations, as well as exercises in the field of slow language improvement errors and exercises improving vocabulary skills which make English students learn special difficulties Special materials for a lexical test Use of English provides information about the lexical-test-sheet examination sheet after each chapter in the textbook a sample Practice Test sheet is used. An English list of verbs of complex idioms and expressions of frequently misused verbs nouns and adjectives in combination with the prepositions of verb-structure lists presenting principles formative

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