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How To Post a Question

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    Default How To Post a Question

    Hello, I am going to show you how you can leave a question in the proper way :

    Your question must be published like this :

    Question title

    1- The thread title must be related to the question

    Examples :

    - How to use the past simple
    - How to pronounce the 'sh'

    Wrong examples

    - Need Help
    - Please check
    - Please explain to me
    - what is that
    - Guys, urgent!!

    Question content

    1-Your question must be clear enough to get better answers
    2-We DON'T do homeowrk for you. We may check answers or review them.
    3-DON'T forget to mark your question as Answered when you get your answer.( If you don't , you will not be able to ask another question in the forum)
    4- Add your question as a new thread. DON'T post your questions in somebody else's comments.

    Posts that don't meet these requirements, will be deleted.

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    The best way to say 'Thank you' is to make a mirror.

    Whenever you download a file, send it back to any hosting services and post your link, this way we will not lose any files.

  2. Please read this message!!!
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    Default Re: How To Post a Qustion

    Very clear explanation of the rules, Ayman

  4. Default Re: How To Post a Qustion

    All is to the point.
    P.S. The one who asks should not forget to thank the one who answers. Just to show respect for taking pains in order to help others in the community.

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