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Offer yourself a complete library with Language Learning and Teaching materials!

Whether you are a teacher, looking for some resources, flashcards, grammar worksheets or exam materials, or a student, looking to download some course books for language studies, or even parents, looking for some great learning material for your kids, we can help you. We have more than 50.000 course books, CD's / DVD's and CD-ROM's available for instant download!

You can download some books for free but our site has a limit for non registered users but you can have unlimitted access TODAY!

We know you love free stuff and so do we but you should know that hosting and managing a website costs money and time and as we want to keep the site almost free, we decided that $ 20,- for a lifetime membership wasn't really that much.
That means you will send us a bunch of flowers one time only and we will keep your account open for lifetime access, interesting, right?

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Download language learning and teaching resources such as flashcards, grammar and course books, self study and exam materials, CDs and DVDs for just about any foreign language you want to learn.
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